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What does “Pecunem” mean?

“Pecunem” is derived from the Latin word pecunia, which means “money.” It reinforces the nature of the Pecunem site as a place where different forms of money are bought and sold.

What is an “auction host”?

An auction host is coin dealer who presents auctions on the Pecunem platform. Only trusted and reliable companies with a history of good service are accepted as Pecunem auction hosts. To read about the companies who participate as auction hosts, see our About Us page.

How can I consign coins to Pecunem auctions?

If you are interested in consigning your coins to be sold in Pecunem auctions, you’ll need to contact one of our auction hosts. You can read about the different auction hosts available on our About Us page, where you’ll also find their contact information.

I’ve found an error with one of your descriptions or images. How should I report it?

We’re always happy to hear your feedback and will pass it along to the auction hosts for attention. Please contact us and indicate the auction and lot number where you’ve found the problem.

How can I contact the auction hosts?

If your inquiry is related to a current or past auction, please use our general contact form so we can send your message to the correct place.

I’ve lost or forgotten my password. How can I change or reset it?

You can easily reset your lost or forgotten password. To do this, you need to know either the email address you used when registering for Pecunem or your username. Click on the “Sign in” link in the box in the upper right corner of the page. Then click on “Forgot your password?” Type in your email address or username in the box, and you’ll receive instructions by email on how to reset your password.

How can I pay for coins bought through Pecunem?

The payment methods available to you depend on the auction host. When completing the checkout after you’ve won auction lots on Pecunem, you will be given a choice of how you would like to pay.

How will my coins be shipped?

As with payment methods, the shipping types available depend on the particular auction host.

How do I register to bid in your auctions?

To bid in Pecunem auctions, you only need to register and provide your name and address information. As part of this process, you will choose a username and password that will allow you to login and bid on Pecunem auctions. This is all you need to do. Information about lots you’ve bid on and won is available online in your Pecunem profile, and it is also emailed to you.

What is my user “profile”, and how do I change settings there?

Your Pecunem user profile contains your personal information, site preferences, and all information about your bidding history in Pecunem auctions. To find your profile, first login by clicking the “Sign in” link in the box in the upper right corner of the page. After logging in, you’ll see your name in the same box. Click on your name to expand the menu, and click on “Profile” to access your personal profile.

What taxes and fees will apply to my purchases through Pecunem auctions?

All purchases through Pecunem online auctions are subject to a 15.47% buyer’s fee, which includes the legally required VAT. This amount is collected by the auction host as part of your final invoice.

What are the bid increments in your auctions?

Pecunem auctions work very much like "floor" or "live" auctions. We accept only normal bid increments -- usually about 10% of the current price.

Unlike in some other online auctions, your bids are not allowed to deviate from these increments.

This table lists the bid increment we accept for different ranges of prices:

Bid amount: Increment

Up to 20: 2
Up to 100: 5
Up to 200: 10
Up to 300: 20
Up to 800: 25
Up to 1000: 50
Up to 2000: 100
Up to 3000: 200
Up to 8000: 250
Up to 10000: 500
From 10000: 1000

When several identical bids are received, the bid received first is the winning bid.

How does the bidding procedure work?

Auctions at Pecunem are timed auctions. Lots will be called up sequentially in lot order, with a fixed period of time between them. Each lot closes at a specific date and time as shown on the Web page that displays the full lot information. All times and dates displayed on Pecunem are in your local timezone, as set on your computer.

Bids that arrive after the closing time cannot be considered. The closing time is determined according to the clock on Pecunem's Web server.

Pecunem displays a countdown clock beside each lot, which is intended to show how much time is left before bidding is closed. This countdown clock is for informative purposes only. Although we try to ensure that it is synchronized with our server clock, we cannot be responsible for Internet-related delays or connection problems between our server and your computer that may affect the accuracy of the countdown. For this reason, we recommend that you place your bids well before the lot closing time to avoid disappointment.

You may place bids in Pecunem auctions in two ways:

1. You can bid the suggested bid amount that you see in the box beside the bid button. This will always be the next valid bid increment that the system will accept.

2. Alternatively, you can click inside the box and change the bid to a custom amount. The status text below the bid box will tell you when your bid is a valid amount, and you will see the outline around the box turn green when the bid is ready to be submitted.

No matter which bidding technique you use, you will need to click on the bid button, followed by the confirm button to submit your bid.

The Pecunem system will automatically bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid. In this way, your bid will always be reduced to the minimum amount necessary to win a lot.